Guardian Bandsaw

A new generation of safety equipment

The Guardian Bandsaw delivers an unprecedented safety system to reduce some of the most serious injury risks in the meat processing industry.

The Guardian was developed following discussions with the meat processing industry and feedback indicating a general dissatisfaction with the current safety solutions available in the market. A multidisciplinary team from kanDO began the initial concept and design work, and the objective was clear – create a totally new approach for a safety system on the highly dangerous machine.

The result was a completely new, ground-up design of a commercial bandsaw combined with an advanced vision detection system. The Guardian Bandsaw delivers both unprecedented safety outcomes for users as well as a comprehensive information reporting system that delivers key information and metrics to leaders and operators through an online software package.

Following an extensive design, prototyping and testing programme, the first machine was installed in a commercial meat processor in Auckland, New Zealand. The saw delivered above expectations and has radically changed the safety culture within the firm. The team have developed significant improvements to cutting techniques that have both improved the safety culture in the boning room and also the quality of cuts made.

The Guardian bandsaw is commercially available and more information is available here.

The vision detection system picks up the operators blue gloves and activates the braking system
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