Design Process

When engineering and creativity mix,
you get KANDO

Not only do you get a smart machine when you choose KANDO, but a fully integrated and future-proofed solution that your staff feel confident using. We do this using the following four stages of design, while allowing room to tailor our innovation process to overcome your unique challenges.

KANDO’s four-step design process:

Machine Vision

1. Engage. Identify. Plan.

First, we ensure each project is uniquely scoped and designed so we can deliver meaningful, future-proofed results. We like to look at the current challenges your company is facing – be it around safety, scalability, capacity, workplace environment, ergonomics, or labour challenges – and then research what technologies are currently available and the functionality they offer.

Before we even begin building a solution, we also consider and identify future issues, looking beneath the surface of the presenting problem. We ask questions such as: How will technology improve the workplace safety and culture? How can we reduce training and downtime? And how will automation and smart technology enable our clients to monitor their progress, achieve their business vision and allow them to compete on a bigger, bolder, level?

At this phase, we’ll also provide project plans and costings that fit your timing, requirements and budget.


2. Design. Collaborate. Outline.

Once we’re satisfied we’ve got a deep understanding of the problem and opportunities, our team begins solution design. We work collaboratively so that each project benefits from the combined expertise of our team’s over 100 years’ experience in engineering across diverse disciplines – including electronics, mechanical and computer science. During this phase, our 3D Design team may provide 3D drawings of the solution divided into detailed parts and functionality.

3. Workshop. Prototype. Test.

Now we put our innovation to work by making the most of our well-equipped in-house workshop space, and access to leading-edge equipment and testing facilities. Our team provide proof of concept in the workshop and the solution undergoes rigorous testing.
Service and Support

4. Build. Install. Support.

Once the trial phase has ended, we commission the build and installation of the systems and technologies. This is overseen by the same team who engaged with you at the beginning, allowing us to capture what we’ve already learnt and incorporate these lessons for a successful build.

But it doesn’t stop there. Next our KANDO team will install the solution, provide onsite training, and continue to provide you with ongoing service and support.

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