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KANDO began with the drive to make New Zealand a safer, more efficient and more confident place to work through developing and implementing the latest technology. Not satisfied with keeping our innovations a secret to the rest of the world, KANDO is on a mission to transform industries and manufacturing internationally, by helping businesses and industry leaders set global benchmarks for performance and safety.

Leveraging the latest advances in engineering, automation, and machine vision technologies enables us to address some of today’s biggest workplace challenges. Challenges like labour shortages in skilled and seasonal work, reducing the amount of time spent training, enabling workers to return home safely without injuries, minimising downtime and wastage, and increasing the productivity and quality of outputs within primary and industrial sectors.

Home to the Guardian Bandsaw and the world’s first and only automated mussel opener, KANDO engineers work closely with industry leaders to discover and develop innovative ways to automate or improve manual, repetitive or potentially dangerous processes.

There are times when we identify potential problems or possibilities for improvement before industries do. We do that with a serious knowledge of the capabilities of technology, drawing on the smarts of our diverse team, and relentlessly seeking opportunities to make our industries, and the people that work within them, bolder, better, and safer.

Meet the team


Keith Blenkinsopp

Managing Director

Keith has over 25 years’ experience in automation covering a wide range of industries. He is passionate about working with clients to understand their needs and delivering innovative solutions that drive progress through advanced automation. Keith has an NZCE in Mechanical Engineering.


Shaun Hurd

General Manager Operations

With a PhD in Physics and Electronic Engineering, Shaun is an expert at machine learning for meat robotics systems. With thirteen years of experience in this industry, Shaun oversees and develops our software and control systems. When he’s not working, he heads outdoors to cycle and kayak.


Michael Stansfield

Chief Financial Officer

Michael holds both a BBus (Accountancy) and a BEngTech (Networks & Communications) and is a Chartered Accountant. Michael has over 35 years’ experience working in the Telco, poultry, and various manufacturing industries in New Zealand. As CFO of Kando, he is responsible for managing the finance function and business risk. Outside of work, Michael likes to home renovate, scale model and has a passion for Italian cars.


Ken Rogers

Vice President

Ken has a strong international marketing and primary industry background with a degree in agricultural science, as well as international sales and marketing experience gained while working for Fonterra. Returning to New Zealand Ken joined Pernod Ricard as Production Director and most recently Ken was a shareholder and Managing Director of Superb Herb an innovative horticultural business.

Ken is a keen sportsman having played rugby into his 40’s but more recently, concentrating on snowboarding, scuba diving and fishing.“


Mike Fitzgerald

Marketing and Development Manager

With a degree in Marketing and International Management (BMS) from Waikato University, Mike brings years of experience in the private and government sectors promoting business and exploring opportunities. He is passionate about connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to help understand their needs and how we can help.


Nicholas Blenkinsopp

Business Development Manager USA

With degrees in property and finance Nicholas operates out of the Guardian Omaha office. Nicholas is focused on providing the right Guardian solution to customers. A keen surfer who’s working on his golf swing due to a lack of waves in Omaha.


Joseph Dumaran

Production Manager

With a BE (Honours) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Joseph is proficient at troubleshooting electrical and pneumatics systems. He manages and motivates the production team, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and with excellence. Outside of work, he is a professional tenpin bowler.


Shaun Judd

Project Manager

Shaun holds a Trade Certificate in Manufacturing and Tool Making. With extensive experience developing race car parts, Shaun manages the manufacture of all production and development components. Outside of work Shaun races in New Zealand’s GT1 racing category.


Nicholas Hildreth

Principle Software Engineer

With an MSc in Computer Science and over 20 years’ experience in specialist software engineering, Nicholas is responsible for developing our suite of products which require computer vision-based solutions. Outside work, he enjoys distance running and rock climbing.

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